VAI HelpdeskAdvocacy: active support, especially of a cause!

Visual Artists Ireland is the primary organisation dedicated to the advocacy and representation of Visual Artists in Northern Ireland at at National, Local, and Community level. We take on the key issues that concern professional artists  in relation to their status, rights and careers.

  • We monitor policies and undertake research into issues that have an effect on the life and career of visual artists.
  • We represent the interests of individual artists on a one to one basis in relation to specific, once-off, or on-going issues with a critically acknowledged confidential service that is provided through our Help Desk. This is available to all visual artists and is supported by industry specialists working in the area of law, finance, or mediation.
  • We operate a programme of regional and international representation through appointed artist representatives and have a policy of building strategic partnerships with other Northern Irish and wider UK organisations so as to be able to represent the broad ranging needs of individual visual artists in a comprehensive manner.
  • We operate a series of special interest groups who take on key issues that directly effect the Status of the Visual Artist in Ireland. Key groups include consultation fora on topics such as:

  • The Social, Economic, and Fiscal Status of the Visual Artist in Ireland;
  • Public Art Commissioning & Delivery
  • Payment Guidelines for Visual Artists in Ireland;
  • Communicating the Visual Arts to Media and to a general audience.

  • We support artist-led initiatives and community based networks who seek to represent the voice of artists in their local area as well as building a larger understanding of the national concerns of artists. The groups meet in a Visual Artists Café format that allows moment for discussion, information sharing, and when suitable the presentation of art projects that attendees may have currently in progress.