Governance & Transparency

The Board and management of The Sculptors Society of Ireland trading as Visual Artists Ireland (hereafter Visual Artists Ireland or VAI) are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. In compliance with the Governance Transparency Scale for organisations in receipt of recurring Arts Council (Republic of Ireland) funding, and in our on-going openess, this statement describes Visual Artists Ireland’s governance principles and practices:

Corporate Structure
Purpose and The Memorandum & Articles of Association
Conditions & Definitions of Membership
Commitment to The Governance Code: Principles of Good Governance
Commitment to comply with the Principles of Good Fundraising
The Current Board & Senior Management
Audited Accounts: VAI 2013 Accounts; VAI 2014 Accounts

dated: Friday, 9th January 2015
change log
updated: VAI 2014 Accounts : Monday, 11th May 2015