Printmaking Workshop with Daniel Lipstein at Chocolate Factory, Dublin

A one day workshop covering monoprint, dry-point, multi-plate registration, carborundum, soft ground, hard ground etching and surge lift aquatint. The class deals with several skills simultaneously and is suitable for anyone from beginners to more experienced printmakers.

While developing plates in ferric chloride in the first part of the day the participants will do mono prints, carborundum, dry-point and learn plates registration. In the afternoon we can take proofs of the etched plates, study them and decide how to develop and proceed with them.

The workshop aims to start and finish works in the none chemical application of printmaking, in the same time it aims to learn how to observe the development of etching in ferric chloride as soft ground, hard ground and sugar lift aquatint.

At the end of the day the participants should have some finished prints and a very good idea of creative printmaking.

Participants can bring source material as photos they took and work from them or from their imagination or both.

Each participant can focus on skill/s he or she is particularly interested in while following the design of the workshop.

Dates: 12th August 2017
Times: 11am – 5pm
Fee: 100 euro including all materials, instruments and copper plates
Location: Chocolate Factory, 25 King’s Inn Street, Dublin 1
Booking: 086 3363504
Website: or