Open Call | SPARE PARTS Season at Science Gallery London

Application deadline: 16 July, 11:30pm

Science Gallery London is delving into the possibilities of regenerated, enhanced, donated parts that can be altered through choice or destiny. What are the emotional and psychological aspects of living with an organic or engineered spare part? How are they actually created and transplanted? And what is their potential to exist outside of the biological body, to be shared and exchanged?

This season interrogates the idea of our bodies as a sum of independent parts that may within a lifetime, be regenerated, enhanced, donated or altered by choice or destiny.

SPARE PARTS scrutinises the experience of being seen as ill, and less able, and celebrates the human ability to cultivate resilience and difference. Exploring the challenges of taking on an altered identity and of incorporating a new organ, the season blurs the boundaries between what is perceived as a normal, or a different human body.

We are interested in ideas including:

  • Regeneration, Stem Cell research and applications including Tissue Engineering
  • The challenges facing transplantation and regeneration today and tomorrow
  • Organ and Facial Transplantation and Regeneration
  • Prosthetics: Technology, Design, Innovation
  • Appropriation, interpretation and representation of the three areas above
  • Ethics and Economics of the three areas above
  • The altered sense of identity that the adoption a new organ or a prosthetic can bring
  • Myths and fears surrounding human transplants, cell regeneration and prosthetics
  • Individual experiences of transplants, prosthetics and cell regeneration by recipients, designers, researchers and clinicians
  • The ‘spare surgeon’: the use of computer and robots in transplant procedure
  • Spare parts that can exist outside of the biological body, to be shared or exchanged
  • DIY prosthetics: 3D imaging, computer-aided design, 3D printing, Open Ware
  • The use of animal and plant components in the human body
  • The future of organ transplantation and regeneration, and prosthetics
    Other ideas are welcome too!

We’ll be accepting your submissions for existing artworks as well as projects still at a research and development stage.
Find out more about the SPARE PARTS open call here: