One Day Linocut Workshop at Belfast Print Workshop

This one-day workshop for beginners will explore the printmaking technique of linocut. You will learn how to plan, carve and print a black-and- white linocut print leaving equipped with the knowledge and skills to begin printing your own linocut prints at home. The course is well suited to Teachers or school Art Technicians who want to learn something new to bring to the classroom.

You will learn about choosing images suitable for linocut, working in negative and reverse, transferring your image, how to carve it, ink it and print it using a baren or spoon as well as the workshop’s relief press, making a registration sheet, signing and editioning your work and working with blocks of lino approximately 15cm x 15cm in size. Participants are asked to bring 2 or 3 suitably sized images which they will carve in order to make a linocut print. Bold, black and white images or marker drawings work well, nothing too detailed.

Dates: 27/07/2017
Times: 10:00 – 16:00
Fee: 55
Location: Belfast Print Workshop, 30 -42 Waring Street, Belfast, BT1 2ED
Booking: Tickets available here: For more information: Email: Ph: 028 90231323