Commission | Shannon Fisherman Archive Documentary Project

The deadline for submission of all requested material is 5pm Friday, 21 July 2017.

As part of the Creative Ireland Programme 2017-2022, Limerick Archives are working on a Shannon Fisherman Archive project and are pleased to invite expressions of interest from filmmakers to deliver a short documentary.

Limerick has a long fishing tradition and a unique relationship with the river Shannon from Doonass down to Scattery Island. The fishing takes place between these junctions, traditionally from Doonass to the lax weir in Corbally by the Abbey Fishermen. They lived mainly in the Abbey area of Limerick City, Sheep Street, Gaol Lane and Meat Market Lane.

Ardnacrusha disrupted this way of life when the Scheme altered the flow of the river. The tail race reduced the volume of water in the original course and when the turbines released flood water vast quantities were allowed to flow through the original channel. This meant the water was moving faster and it also changed the way the fish behaved. Old salmon patterns were disrupted as the salmon chose the fastest stream path and got caught in the turbines and killed meaning they could not reach their spawning beds way upriver. When they fry (babies) came down they got caught in the turbines also so the few that did get through were unlikely to successfully spawn young.

All groups fished with a draft net (from shore) and a drift net (from a boat). In 2006 the EU conservation policy saw major changes as the government bought the licences from the majority of the fishermen and it became illegal to use a net on the river.

We are looking for a filmmaker to deliver a documentary on the above practices. The film duration should be approximately 10 minutes.

Download the Full Project Brief, Timeline and Submission Requirements Here:

Please submit the expressions of interest to: with a following reference in the email subject line: Shannon Fisherman Archive Documentary.