Updating your profile: Curator Visits & Research

As we finalise our planning for 2019, we want to remind members that part of the service that we offer a dedicated online gallery as part of the Members Directory. This is a particularly useful resource for curators who visit us on a regular basis as well as getting your work known more generally. https://visualartists.ie/arts-directory-2/directory-of-members-_/#!directory/map

We recommend that members carefully select images that reflect their current work and interests. It is also useful to include a statement of what your current interests are as well as provide links to your website/cv. All of this is a key part of letting people know what is happening in artist’s studios around the country.

When creating or updating your profile, be sure to fill out the following sections and make sure that you have clicked the display in director option. For security, it is possible to restrict your contact details. Curators will still be able to contact you using the Contact Form.


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