Warp & Waver | Tristan Barry at Seacourt: The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking

1 to 24 November 2017

“I began to think of the space where the tree had been or would have been. In my
mind’s eye I saw it as a kind of luminous emptiness, a warp and waver of light…”
From Seamus Heaney’s essay on Kavanagh, “The Placeless Heaven” 1987

Drawing has always played a supporting, yet intrinsic role in the artist’s practice. Much of Barry’s studio work originates in a sketchbook, with studies created in situ and solely for the purpose of providing reference material. The work is reactionary and immediate, with a vitality and authenticity that is impossible to replicate. This body of work is a response to this self-imposed catch-22, borne of a long held desire to place drawing at the forefront of the artist’s practice. Deliberately monochromatic, the pieces expose the landscapes in their most primitive and fundamental forms.

Unit 20 Dunlop Industrial Units
8 Balloo Drive
BT19 7QY
T: 028 9146 0595
W: seacourt-ni.org.uk