Other Scenes | Brigitte Zieger at Void

3 June to 29 July

Void is proud to present the work of German Paris-based artist Brigitte Zieger. Curated by Gregory McCartney, ‘Other Scenes’ explores virtual and spatial 3D images which relate to history and the integration of displacements between image, sculpture and space.

Zieger’s work relates to her interpretation of political and historical contexts and the images which emerge from them. She employs a diverse range of mediums, from drawing and cut-outs to video, sculpture and wallpaper. At the heart of Zieger’s work is the ability to draw the viewer in through its appealing aesthetic, only to be confronted by the subtle signs of violence which exist just beneath the surface: destruction, alienation, and oppression.

This exhibition explores the space which is represented and produces forms which are both typically digital and seemingly decaying, thus talking simultaneously of the future and of ruins, of a past perishing in a fragmented digital memory and a world in the period of dematerialisation. Zieger is motivated by this materialisation and dematerialisation, by the possibility of offering he viewer the opportunity to find him/herself physically included in this formal proposition, that one can approach as much on the poetic and sensorial, even aesthetic level, as on the conceptual level.

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