the corridor | Paddy Bloomer & The 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra at Culture Night, Belfast

17 to 22 September 2017

`the corridor´ is a new arts project from Dundalk, which explores borders and their political, social and cultural consequences through a series of public talks, screenings and exhibitions. The project discusses the history of the Irish border and the future challenges of the upcoming EU border for this area. The first event is a collaboration with the 1st Deutsches Stromorchester (1st German Electrophonic Orchestra).

Opening with the sound survey of the Belfast-Dublin corridor, LINEAR BELONGINGS explores, defines and performs vertical and horizontal territories outside of politics, religion, borders and barriers through a series of events in Ireland and Germany.

Together with visual and performance artists from Dublin, Drogheda, Dundalk and Belfast, the two initiatives form a temporary research centre working in public and semi-public spaces. In each city, they survey and document their sociocultural surrounding.

In Belfast, the Electrophonic Orchestra works together with artist, inventor, explorer and plumber Paddy Bloomer who invented a transportable radio transmitter that transfers the live recorded sounds by the orchestra. Bring your own radio to connect and meet us at Belfast Town Hall for a collective sound walk.

Special performance on Culture Night Belfast on Friday, Sept 22, 2017 at 3 pm (starting at Belfast City Hall, ending at Lawrence Street Workshops).

the corridor
T: 083-8284193 (Anne Mager)