Submersible Extractions | Gerard Carson at Platform Arts, Belfast

01/11/2018 – 30/11/2018 – All Day
Platform Arts, 1 Queen Street,, Belfast
Exhibition Opening: 1st November, 6-9pm Vitalistic aquatic bodies are entagled in networked industrial complexes, struggling for release. The structural components manufactured to initiate maximal extraction of subterranean ancient ooze, feeding the anthropocentric desire of infinite accumulation. Yet a ontological weirdness emanates from the depths; ROV robotic submersibles, controlled by remote touch-feedback responses, become strange ontological auxiliaries in a ritual of worldly mutation. A dark actor of cosmic toxicity.  “Submersible Extractions” speculates on  technology and fossil fuel industrial infrastructures, the points of contact between a submerged “outside” (or “ancient underground”) and  the emergent entities that reside in antediluvian zones. Gerard Carson…

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