All That Sits Unsaid | Stuart Cairns at Pollen Studios and Gallery, Belfast

7 to 9 September

All That Sits Unsaid is a reflection of Stuart Cairns’ interest in materials, places and things. It contains a series of objects found on various walks through forests and fields, along shorelines and urban streets. Some are set out as discovered, some are manipulated into new forms and some are fabrications responding to the rhythms and shapes of the others. This collection of objects, manipulated materials and fabrications act as a drawn language to suggest stories -of wanders by the sea, wonders in the forest and small moments in the city. They show the richness of the material world, the wonders of the everyday which can light up the imagination and speak volumes through their quiet, small forms sitting as poems to the landscape.

Pollen Studios and Gallery
37-39 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA