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9 to 18 November

OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival is the annual celebration of queer art and performance in Belfast, Northern Ireland/ the North/ here.

OUTBURST showcases great local and international queer work and support the development of queer arts at home and internationally. They love work that is bold, challenging, accessible and brilliant, whether it’s grassroots events, professional touring productions or work commissioned specially for OUTBURST.

Amongst the highlights of a packed programme are Teatro La Plaza’s ‘Simon the Mole’, a show from Peru for children and adults that encourages understanding and acceptance of difference; the Arts Council’s 2016 Major Individual Artist award winner, Conor Mitchell, performs his acclaimed music-theatre piece, ‘Ten Plagues’; and the Golden Thread Gallery presents ‘Forms of Resistance’, a specially-commissioned exhibition of video art with an LGBTQI perspective from the VideoBrasil Historical Collection in Sao Paulo.

OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival 2017, Belfast

Saturday 18 November, 12 noon

The next Performance Monthly will be part of the BIFPA (Belfast International Festival Performance Art) taking place in the Ulster University from the 13 to 18 November.

Continuing with an extracts from Hugo Ball’s Diary 1917 diary, these excerpts is from 14th November and 18th November 1917, are particularly interesting, the second one reflecting a circularity shift of space/time.

‘Never lose consciousness: we are the last reserve.’

‘When I consider that Germany is cut off from the great stream of life, that we here in Switzerland absorb new things and of course new shocks, too, every day, while over there every free breath is suppressed, then I wonder how we will be able to communicate once the frontiers fall. The West is communicating its experiences, plans, and arrangements more intensively than ever; the world federation has actually already been established, but Germany play a role of the outlaw, with all the terrible consequences.’

Location: Glass Box, Ulster University, York St, Belfast


Bbeyond Performance Monthly, Belfast

16 November to 22 December 2017

The exhibition contrasts domestic façades from the disparate island locations of Ireland and Galveston. It focuses on the ways people design and organise the fronts of their homes which appear to be regarded not so much as functional spaces but more as areas of public display.

Irish Home Fronts become sites of individual and cultural expression, adorned with ornaments that represent the householders’ personal interests. They can suggest a fantasy world where myth and romance feature alongside a nostalgia for an idealised past. In contrast, the dwellings on the island of Galveston reflect the damage and rebuilding following the disasters that accompany hurricanes. Austere frontages incorporate practical measures for disaster avoidance arising from storm surges.

The idea behind the comparison arose not so much by design but more to do with the fortunes of personal circumstances of living and working in unfamiliar environments. Consequently the exhibition also questions the scope and limitations of attempting to make a comparison between locations.

Last year, the exhibition was shown in Galveston at the Avery‐Winkler Artway, University of Texas Medical Branch and at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

PLACE Built Environment Centre
7-9 Lower Garfield Street, Belfast, BT1 1FP
T: ​(+44) 28 9023 2524

The Home Front | Irish Home Fronts at PLACE, Belfast

9 November to 20 December 2017

As part of the Outburst Queer Arts Festival, VideoBrasil and Outburst, in association with the Golden Thread Gallery, present Forms of Resistance.

In this exhibition, curated by Videobrasil’s Gabriel Bogossian, documentaries and single channel videos bring the voice of a community that, although not formally articulated, share a history marked by violence, but also by original, inexhaustible forms of resistance.

The Videobrasil Historical Collection in São Paulo hosts the most important archive of video production and video art from the Global South. Within this vast audiovisual library it is possible to recognise in different moments – directly or indirectly- the presence of a certain LGBTQI perspective. The collection contains video works from the 19 editions of Videobrasil Festival, donations from artists and pieces commissioned in Videobrasil’s residency programs.

The exhibition contains works by:
Cândido José Mendes Almeida and Hélio Alvarez; Ruy Solberg; Rita Moreira; Karol Radziszewski; Kika Nicoleta; Akram Zaatari; Roy Dib; Virgina de Medeiros; Luiz Roque; Maria Kramar; Bita Razavi; Clive van den Berg; and Hui Tao.

There will be a curator’s talk by Gabriel Bogossian on Friday the 10th November 12.30pm.

Golden Thread Gallery, 84-94 Great Patrick St, Belfast BT1 2LU
T: +44 28 9033 0920

Forms Of Resistance | Group Exhibition at Golden Thread Gallery, ...

25 October to 3 November

The Golden Thread Gallery is delight to present in collaboration with Flax Arts Studios International Residency Programme an exhibition by Yusuke Saito (Japan).

Yusuke Saito: During my residency at Flax Art Studios, Belfast, I have been interested in hobbies, taste, customs, habits, selection, traces and the aesthetic sense of people. These matters will be changeable depending on the experience I have of people. I found it interesting to know how people think having various experiences which I have never had. In sharing the difference between myself and others, we can notice something new.

During my time here, I have kept collecting rubbish on the street on my way to the studio. I found it really interesting that I could find many things I cannot see in Japan where I live. The rubbish has the traces of people’s lives. Depending on the amount, the kind and the area where I collected, there are various factors of characteristics, public peace and wealth disparity, I feel the reality of life from them. And I have wanted to make my works in response to my local experience.

In my solo exhibition I will show sculptures and collages which are composed with stuff which I have found in Belfast. I will also have a performance to cook Japanese-style non-sweet pancakes named ‘Okonomi-Yaki’ and serve them to the audience. Generally Okonomiyaki doesn’t have a particular recipe apart from using the wheat flour for cooking with a frying pan. We will add favorite ingredients in it. That way it is quite similar with the way I make my sculptures. I also like the name of the dish, ‘Okonomi’ (= Favorite) + “Yaki”(= Fry).

As I have had various experiences for the first time in Belfast, I would be really happy if everybody could have the first experience of my works with eating the mysterious Japanese dish through various barriers of nationalities, languages, races and religions.

Golden Thread Gallery
84-94 Great Patrick St, Belfast BT1 2LU
T: +44 28 9033 0920

Yusuke Saito Exhibition at Golden Thread Gallery

Saturday 4 November, 1 to 4pm

STICK.LIP is a performance created by Ro Owens and curated by Amanda Coogan. Using a combination of movement, sound and verbatim speech, four performers with explore the female body and its relationship with lipstick.

Ro Owens is a Performer and Actor from Northern Ireland. In 2017 she co-founded The Movement Collective alongside Emily Foran. Ro Studied BA Drama at Queen’s University Belfast and received a First class Hons Degree, before completing The Lyric Theatre Drama Studio. Recent credits include NOT MY PARTY, Cowards, Run to the Rock and Once More.

Queen Street Gallery and Studios
31-33 Bedford Street, Belfast City Centre
Phone: +44 28 90 24 31 45

STICK.LIP Performance by Ro Owens at QSS Gallery

Late Night Art Belfast Exhibition Opening Thursday 2 November, 6pm

Please contact Pollen Studios to arrange alternative viewing times.

Dermot Gibson is an artist and musician based in Belfast that works predominantly in painting, drawing and sound. He uses improvisation, collage and free expression to explore internal and external worlds. He is Interested in the human condition, the personal and political.

Gibson studied fine art at Winchester school of art and completed an Mfa in fine art at Ulster University in 2016.

Pollen Studios and Gallery
37-39 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA

Pleased | Dermot Gibson at Pollen Studios and Gallery