“Trust compliments. XXXXX (name removed to save other organisation’s blushes) suffered from this – by continuing to respond to negative feedback they repeatedly changed timetables for three years. Every time they changed they would get new complaints (from the people who were happy before) and nothing complimentary from the people who were now satisfied. As a result they just dissatisfied everyone! Eventually they realised what was happening. The moral? I like that story. And your news service. It’s brilliant.”

VAI Services

I am writing to you in relation to a residency which was advertised in the march VAN issue for the Cyland Media Arts Lab, St. Petersburg Russia. After seeing the advertisement I presented them with an application for a six week residency and got accept...

The Visual Artists News Sheet

Just a quick note to say well done on providing through VAI such an important and incredibly useful resource for visual artists. Over the 3 years I have been working full time as an artist it so reassuring to know that I always have the resources of VA...

VAI Services