Taking inspiration from plant hunters, botanists and early photographic pioneers, the workshop will involve participants creating their own photogram artworks. This is a camera-less process that involves capturing the shadow of their composition on photographic paper. You can bring along small objects and photographic negatives that can be combined with gathered plants and flowers, to […]

Photogram Workshop with Brian Cregan at Butler Gallery, Kilkenny

Essential skills for anyone going into model-making and puppet building as well as other disciplines such as ceramics or candle making and anything that requires multiples of the same thing. Mold-making is an art form in itself and can get complicated very quickly depending on the size and shape of your sculpt as well as […]

1 Day 2-Part Mold-Making Workshop

Wet Plate Collodion is a 19th century photography process of creating images on glass or metal plates. This one day, intensive workshop will let you relive the excitement experienced by the pioneers of photography. Each participant will shoot and process their own unique ambrotypes, from start to finish. What you will need – Mid level […]

Wet Plate Collodion Workshop at Belfast Exposed