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A contract is an agreement between at least two different parties – such as between two people, or between a person and an organisation – either spoken or recorded in writing, which means the parties enter into a legally binding agreement.

Each contract is individual – the contract will contain only the relevant points to that agreement, and there is no correct list to have in any particular agreement.

Each contract is also negotiable until it is signed – no-one should sign any contract they are unhappy with, and artists would be well advised to negotiate with anyone offering them a contract if they are not happy with any of its contents.

A contract is proof that a legal relationship exists between the people agreeing the contract, and a written contract allows all the parties to understand what has been agreed should a dispute subsequently arise between them.

For proposed areas for reform refer to Parliamentary Report: The Market for Art.

The articles in this section focus on:

  • Types of contracts
  • Topical issues
  • Ancillary rights – Public Lending Rights


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