Applying to trusts, foundations and charities Research and applications

The vast majority of trusts will only give to organisations, companies or other trusts. A short listing of trusts that give to individuals are listed in the Funding section. Many trusts have extremely specific criteria; some only give to specific regions or types of cause/organisation, and many are still now constrained by the founder’s religious views or personal foibles.

Each trust, foundation and charity will most likely have its own very specific criteria and applications procedure. You should approach each organisation separately and individually, ensuring that you follow its own specific criteria and application procedures. Apply well before you need the money, as trusts generally make decisions slowly and only at trustees meetings (held between every 2 to 12 months, depending on the trust).

More information on charitable organisations providing support can be found in the following publications:

* A Guide to the Major Trusts (published by the Directory of Social Change)
* Individual trust websites (a good start is the Guidestar website, or the Directory of Social Change links page)
* The Charity Commission website and running a search on the trust (only works if you are looking for a registered charity)
* Association of Charitable Foundations website
* Approaching the specific trust independently, usually by post.

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