The Art News Centre

The Arts News Centre is a unique and core provision for both visual artists and visual arts organisations. As an information provider, VAI is the leading source of information, news, discussion, jobs, visual arts opportunities, and event & exhibition advertising; designed for visual artists at all stages of their career.

We base these services on contemporary thinking regarding media in the context of: media convergence, the participating culture, and collective intelligence. We, like other media organisations, realize that because of the progress of technology various different types of media (e.g. Computer, Television, Radio and Newspaper) are combining into a single media. For example, television and computer technology are increasingly becoming the same thing. Websites have video on them and the Internet is an important part of the offer of most broadcasters. Computers and network technology has allowed television to offer “video on demand” services moving away from traditional “linear” or scheduled television. Equally the Internet has become important for newspaper publishers. Consequently, Visual Artists Ireland has concentrated on the creation of an information exchange strategy that combines the printed newspaper with a range of online outlets that reflect not only our information provision, but also support all of the key areas previously mentioned in this application.

As we deal with a wide range of age groups, some more at home with print media, others who prefer to receive their content online either by computer or mobile technology, we have integrated our services so that the delivery mechanism can be seen as a tool, and that the real strategy lies in the information, support and interactions that we provide through our services. Simply put, we as an organisation must be able to deliver across a wide range of platforms so that we can achieve the broadest reach for our support of visual artists, arts organisations and the visual arts sector in general.

The Arts News Centre comprises of the following:

We also offer two light hearted daily newsletters that offer news and views from across the internet on matters that pertain to the visual arts, culture in general, or commentary that offer a diversion when taking a cup of coffee or tea.


We have online archives of The Visual Artists News Sheet and Printed Project (available through freely available to researchers or those with an interest in the visual arts and our work.