Payment Rate Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists in Northern Ireland (UK – Sterling)

Visual Artists Ireland had undertaken research both inside and outside of Ireland to create this set of guidelines for payments for professional visual artists. As a direct result of this research, and in consultation with artists, arts organisations and funding bodies, as well as key expert organisations internationally, the following guidelines were drawn up to enable venues and artists calculate equitable rates of payment, properly budget for their programmes and for the variety of work that professional artists undertake in not for profit spaces.

The figures provided are an indicator of the level of payment. Organisations may provide slightly more or slightly less than the amount shown. What will be paid for and the level of fees should be made clear in initial correspondence; contracts; and any advertising that takes place. (see contracts )

NORTHERN IRELAND Payment Rate Guidelines for Visual Artists December 2013 0.0 (.pdf format)

There are THREE steps to finding the right level of payments. The first two are available using this online calculator.

  1. Enter the Annual Turnover of the Organisation or Event. This will give you the rates of payments for the type of institution below in the Payment Guidelines Area under the heading Organisations.
  2. Enter the details of the experience level of the Artist. This will calculate what level of payments should be expected. These can be found below in the Payment Guidelines Section under the heading Artists.
  3. There are the guidelines for other types of work and mileage rates.
  4. Adding the results of Step 2 and Step 3 together will show the potential total payment due for work undertaken. The following is a step by step guide on how to apply this in the spreadsheet.