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commissionsGarden of Reflection, Bishop Street/Pump Street, Derry

The Inner City Trust as the commissioning body, seek expressions of interests from suitably qualified and experienced arts for a number of installations within the proposed garden of reflection.The commissions will be:

1 Artist Designed Water Sculpture
This is seen as being a key feature in either the main garden or small enclosed courtyard accessed from Bishop Street and the main garden. The design should reflect a feeling of peace and serenity and offer visitors the opportunity for reflective thought in peaceful surroundings. Budget £35,000 including VAT if applicable

2 Crystal Healing Wall
A healing wall/feature to feature on the healing properties of crystal that reflect on the aims and objectives of the garden as a whole, ultilising their natural properties to enhance the visitor experience. Budget £60,000 including VAT if applicable

3 Journey of reconciliation, themed artwork running through the garden, incorporated into walls, ground etc. The journey through the garden should reflect the journey to reconciliation through 7 stages/gateways:


The demarcation is seen as being part of the artists commission and the artist will work with the landscape architect to incorporate the artworks within the overall design of the garden Budget £40,000 including VAT if applicable

4 Wall for Reflection and light source
A wall piece in the main Pump Street entrance to the scheme that will draw on the themes and deliverance of reflection and the values of the project. It will encompass wall and ceiling areas and will be the pivotal statement of the scheme preparing the path of reflection and incorporate a light source to act as a beacon for reflection. Budget £35,000 including VAT if applicable.

Prequalification Documents are available by application on email to marjorie@gardenofreflection.org requestes for documents must be made before 1st August 2014

The Inner City Trust Commissions: Garden of Reflection, Bishop Street/Pump ...

yeats2015The Hyde Bridge Gallery is available for hire throughout 2015. Local, National and International artists (solo/group) are invited to send submissions to the Gallery by Friday 12th September 2014 and there is an admission fee of €15 per submission, which will be deducted from your deposit if selected.

Please send an Artist CV, Artist statement and 6-8 images of work (jpeg) with each work labelled with size, medium, date and title. In the case of a group show each artist must submit CV, statement and images.

Gallery hire rates:

Payment of €150.00 per week, or, in the event of sales of exhibited items exceeding €600.00, 25% of the payment received, will be paid to the Yeats Society (Sligo) Incorporated, on or before the first day of the Exhibition, any additional amount from sales, to be paid on the last day of the Exhibition.

Submissions are to be sent to: gallery@yeatssociety.com

Hydge Brigde Gallery, Yeats Memorial Building, Sligo, Ireland.
T: +353 (0)71 9142693
E: gallery@yeatssociety.com



Hyde Bridge Gallery Sligo – Available for Hire

HeadSpace3 coverA match made in a very quirky heaven; creative mental health magazine HeadSpace are teaming up with the fantastic comedy improv troupe The Improrphans   to bring you a launch party for HeadSpace Issue 3 which will be quite unlike any other launch party, in a good way. The launch will be take place at White Lady Art, Wellington Quay, at 7 pm on Friday 25 July, and will feature readings for the magazine and comedy improv acts.

This issue, which is supported by the Rehab Group Visual and Performing Arts Fund, features a selection of art, poems, fiction, and personal stories from contributors across the country with submissions received internationally. HeadSpace will be distributed to hospitals across the country, Jigsaw Project centres and other youth centres. The HeadSpace team is committed to producing a magazine that accurately reflects every aspect of mental health, from maintaining positive mental health to illness and recovery, and the way that mental health and mental illness are perceived in society. THE IMPRORPHANS are a mixed group of new and veteran improvisers who share a love for the challenge that improv shows create and a drive to merge the familiar with the unexpected. For more info check out www.headspace-magazine.com.

Event details can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/629420193816968/


Space at the Orphanage: Headspace and The Improrphans Present ‘HeadSpace’ ...

“Trust compliments. XXXXX (name removed to save other organisation’s blushes) suffered from this – by continuing to respond to negative feedback they repeatedly changed timetables for three years. Every time they changed they would get new complaints (from the people who were happy before) and nothing complimentary from the people who were now satisfied. As a result they just dissatisfied everyone! Eventually they realised what was happening. The moral? I like that story. And your news service. It’s brilliant.”

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